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Phat Diem stone cathedral

Referring to Ninh Binh, perhaps, a place is not least unique with the other place, it is "Phat Diem stone cathedral". "Phat Diem stone cathedral" is a clever combination of East and West architecture. It is located in Phat Diem town,Kim Son district.

"Phat Diem stone cathedral" is not the world's greatest religious works or the most sophisticated, but, the architecture of this place can be ranked as masterpiece of Catholicism. A whole of church was built from stone and wood , it is a perfect combination between gothic architecture of West and pagoda architecture of VietNam.

The architecture of Church is beared East's style with the concept "water in front, mountain in behind". A pond in front of the church, it is under Asia's style, with the status of God on the island. Behind in back of the church is "Kim Son mountain". The church is a combination of architectural layers: "a pond, Phuong dinh house, cathedral, artificial caves and stone cathedral"

"stone cathedral" was almost made of stone with beautiful reliefs. From the outside, we are surprised with the carvings, the column stone with motifs are pine tree,chrysanthemum, flute,ochna. All of them are beared Asia's style. More interesting when we step inside, we surprised with red and yellow like a pagoda of Viet Nam. It made uniqueness for this church. "Cathedral" is beared Western's style, it has high-pitched roofs with bold imprints gothic architecture with large ironwood column,

"Phuong Dinh" is the last works completed of "Phat Diem stone cathedral". This is a place where the most heavy bell is hung. In the past, the bell was beat up, its sound can be heard as far as three provinces: Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa. Although house - bell is beared Western's style," Phuong Dinh" has full of "three gates", the architect of VietNam's style and its name means "square house"

As far as we know the ancient Vietnamese workers have been very hard to complete this works: 10 years to prepare and 24 years to built.



Phat Diem stone cathedral

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