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Trang An tourism complex

Trang An tours in Ninh Binh: Trang An is a famous eco tourism complex in Ninh Binh province, the complex is situated in the Ninh Binh town and three districts Hoa Lu, Nho Quan and Gia Vien. Trang An tourism complex has a total area 2000 hectares, the complex of Trang An is formed by ranges of limestone mountains, amazing caves and rivers, valleys coupled with many historical and religion sites including pagodas, temples all combine to make Trang An a magic place.

Best time to visit Trang An is from February to April, this time is spring, the weather is cool, especially visitors can combine sightseeing tours with pagoda pilgrimage, however note that this time is also high season of Ninh Binh tourism, a lot of tourists come to visit and worship so all places are always crowed and be careful with your bags as there are pick pockets around.

How to travel Trang An from Hanoi
You can take a bus from Hanoi (from the bus stations Giap Bat, My Dinh). The buses run daily at different times. You should contact the bus station for more details before the trip or you can take the open bus, spend the night in Ninh Binh and visit Trang An the next day.

Things to visit in Trang An
A boat trip in Trang An is a must, each boat carries 4-5 people. Along the way, in addition to enjoying the mountain views, charming scenery, tourists should visit the scenic spots such as:
- Trinh temple: The famous temple thousands of years old, built under Dinh dynasty is the first stop.
- Tran temple is an ancient stone temple, built in 968 to worship a general from the 18th Hung king. Tran temple has beautiful patterns carved in stone, showing great skill temporary artists.
- Khong temple: the thousand-year-old tree tree in front of the temple, dedicated to Dinh Cong, a loyal official under King Dinh Tien Hoang.

If you haven't been to the water caves before, you will be filled with strange feeling when entering the gates with small boat through the seemingly endless tunnels. The cave system in Trang An, though not brilliant, magnificent stalagmites, but the caves are very diverse, each brings a different aspect. to name a few:
- Seo cave, very deep with dense trees
- Ba Giot cave with stalagmites deposited as water droplets
- Nau Ruou cave with with old jars, according to legend it is where the the wine is cooked for the mandarins
- Dia Linh cave with the low, narrow entrance
There are many other caves such as Bright cave, Dark cave, Son Duong cave...



Trang An tourism complex

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