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Tam Coc caves

Tam Coc is located in the famous scenic tourist complex Trang An, with a network of caves, limestone mountains, beautiful rice fields, it is like a Halong Bay on land, a true eco tourist area in northern Vietnam.

Tam Coc caves is also called Tam Thuy Dong, it means three caves on water, To reach this attractive destination, visitors will start from boat dock and row all the way through romantic Ngo Dong river.

Tam Coc is only 120 km from Hanoi city, there are some ways to visit Tam Coc from Hanoi, renting a car or motorbike is the easiet way, it takes about 2.5 hour drive. At Van Lam wharf, you buy ticket to visit, rent boat a boat for 5 usd, maximum 4 people, then start exploring the beauty of Tam Coc by paddling on the Ngo Dong river.

Tam Coc means three caves: First, second and third cave. All three caves are formed by the flow of river that eroded the mountain rock as this area is limestone. The first cave is 127m long, through a large part of the mountain, the entrance is 20 meter wide. In the cave the climate is cool and damp with stalactites hanging down in many shapes. Second cave, nearly 1km from The first cave, 60m long, the cave ceiling has beautiful stalactites. The third cave is 50m long, the cave's ceiling is like an arch, lower than first and second cave.

During the boat trip, if you want to stop taking photos, or want to climb up to the mountain for a good shot, you should discuss in advance with the boat rowers. The experienced rowers would stop the boat, looking for a convenient place for you to climb the cliff. Note that do not try to stand up without notice, you can endanger yourself and other passengers on boat.

When to visit Tam Coc, you should depart in the early morning, so the weather is not too hot, in the afternoon sometimes Tam Coc has heavy rains or thunderstorms in the summer.

A little note for visitors while sightseeing Tam Coc is to bring a sun hat because the boat is not covered, dressed neatly and can be equipped with a binoculars to admire the distant landscape would be an interesting thing.

Visit Tam Coc in summer, whether sitting on the boat or walk, you will be lost in the colorful carpet when you cruise through green paddy fields interspersed with yellow rice fields.



Tam Coc caves

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